The Credit Calendar

This is the ONLY planner of its kind that focuses solely on your current credit status and goals. Whether you're trying to repair or maintain your credit scores, The Credit Calendar is the perfect tool to help you execute the necessary steps, stay on task and remember important dates to reach your goals.

Brought to you by NBCCR Founder, Tierra Jae

Tierra Jae, founder of New Beginnings Community Consulting & Restoration, has been a Credit Consultant for over 6 years. After helping hundreds of people across the country restore their credit under different circumstances, she realized that while no 2 credit situations are exactly the same, there is in fact 1 aspect of credit restoration that does remain constant: 60% of the scope of work necessary is actually performed by the client themselves.

"I wanted to make a product that would help people stay on track and stay organized while trying to reach their credit goals. The Credit Calendar is simple, straight-forward and highly effective when utilized correctly."